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It’s not about seeing the world through a whole new lens, it’s about sharing the lens. It’s about the experiences in life that make for great stories. It’s about celebrating a universe of color and the feelings each one provokes. All of this that we do together is just one big cosmic hug.

I color Reality

I’ve migrated from LA to Austin. I'm available for freelance. The way I look at my craft is very pure and simple:

I color life.

Scott and his bulldog
I live life
and color film

I Color Truthfully

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I color Bill Murray. I color Cher. I color the outrageous as well as the subtle. I color with your palette, rather from my own predetermined vision of what your palette should be. I color reality. I color the emotions on display. I color the story. I color life truthfully. I color life honestly.

I color life.

I Color Kindness

Whether I’m making films in the future such as "Mary’s World,” or creating virtual reality birthday cards or whatever, the common theme is my desire to help people be remembered. I’m passionate about that. I love the connections that we all share, and I aspire to illuminate those connections in any way I can. I aspire to highlight and preserve the myriad of ways that we all say “I love you” to one another. That’s where my heart is. I Color Life and I remember those who lived it well.

I color life.

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